Counselling & Psychotherapy


Most of us cope with life’s traumas the best way we can, but sometimes it is difficult to speak to friends or family about our true feelings. Counselling is about taking these difficulties to a trained professional and talking in a confidential setting about your concerns. You will be helped to explore and understand your feelings and gain insight. Counselling can provide invaluable support through difficult times  and help you make sense of what is happening to you.

 Counselling offers a safe venue, where you are not judged, this allows exploration of thoughts and feelings in a way that may not be possible with family or friends. Often feelings such as shame, anger, grief or anxiety are bottled up and can cause disturbances. With the help of a skilled listener and in a supportive relationship, individuals can deepen their understanding of themselves and develop more effective ways of coping.

Supervision: I also offer Supervision for Counsellors/ Psychotherapists,  either individual or in groups.

I can offer Psychodynamic long term counselling/psychotherapy, short  term CBT, Couple Counselling or Supervision of Counselling/Psychotherapy.